Recently Inga felt an urge to help us with all home duties. We enjoy that very much but it is a kind of challenge as well. We need to choose work for Inga very carefully. We do not want to give her any duties she wouldn’t be able to do. In her case age is not an only limitation. Weak muscles do not let her carry heavy things (although they seems to be light for us). It is difficult for Inga to move things from one place to another. Once she crawls her hands are busy. When she rides a wheelchair it’s easy for things to fall down. But when she use her walker and splints she hang bags on handles, put everything in those bags and carry around a house. She is so happy and proud she can help us. Last week she learnt how to peel green beans. Guess what we have for a dinner every second day from now on? 😉

Last week SMA Europe meeting took place in Berlin. Participants had a conversation with the main pharmaceutical companies involved in the development of therapies for SMA. Lets keep finger crossed for any good results of that talks……/sma-europe-held-its-bi-annual-m…/