Weeks since diagnosis go by… Inga fights against SMA doing physiotherapy everyday few times a day. She also use walker with her KAFO splints on – it helps to avoid possible contractures and gives pressure on leg joints.

Inga loves to attend her nursery, where she’s met many new friends and learned to sing, cut, glue, paint and draw. It makes us so happy and proud of her and gives a hope for better future…

Next month Piotrek runs his ultra Fan Dance run for Inga. Please give him some support by joining facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/521941158138781/) or visit Inga’s crowdfunding page: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/inga . Big thank for Piotr and we keep our finger crossed for his success!

You all know how much Inga loves Peppa Pig. She was delighted few months ago when been given with red Peppa Pig’s toy car, Denali/Denali Peppa etc. But in fact Peppa time has already gone – these weeks we stepped into Frozen world with princess Elsa and her friends. And we can count on our friends again – few days ago Inga got beautiful snowmen Olaf. Her joy was endless!!!

Christmas time is coming. Inga loves Christmas trees, lights, decorations and Father Christmas of course. She was so happy while riding Christmas fair roundabout. And we have been happy as well seeing her joy and smile.