Time still goes by… Two years ago we have heard for the first time about SMA. We wish we could forget about that but SMA acts and takes Inga’s strength. She cannot stand without equipment anymore. We have noticed recently that she started to struggle with crawling. She crawls slower, unwillingly, she tires easily. She complains on legs pain. It concerns us a lot – crawling let her to play on her own on the floor without equipment, gives her kind of  independence, it is a great exercise for her spine. We do everything we can SMA won’t take crawling away…

Last month Inga take part in physiotherapy “camp”. Each day she had 3-4 hours of intensive exercises. Inga was also a little bit cold so that week was like a marathon for her. The best award is seeing Inga sit straight again, crawl with more confidence. We have learn a lot from Inga’s physiotherapists – Thank them!

We would like say thank you to all our supporters – without your help “physio-camp” wouldn’t be possible. Thanks!