It’s been 100 weeks since the diagnosis. 700 days. Days devoted to Inga and its struggle with a terrible disease. The days during which Inga stopped walking, stopped standing by herself, stopped climbing small chairs, stopped crawling with strength and happiness. We were getting weaker slowly every day – only photos and videos from time 100 weeks ago make us realize how much has changed.

However, we are still fighting for treatment and her physical fitness. That’s why we do physiotherapy every day. Sometimes Inga do exercises gladly, sometimes with sadness. Sometimes she makes up stories why she can’t do that rehabilitation. This week, she suggested that the exercise will be done by herself on a special exercise floor – we invite you to watch the video below.

Facebook changes how to display pages like ours Inga’s fan page. If you still want to follow posts from her page, set up “see first “. That is: enter Inga’s page (www.facebook.vom/IngaFIGURKA) -> Click ” Follow / Following ” button (next to “Liked”) -> Click “See first”. Thank you!