The last week has passed under the mark of the International Scientific Congress on SMA in Krakow. Almost half a thousand participants, dozens of presentations, poster sessions, meetings with pharmaceutical companies, working dinners and backstairs conversations. Almost all doctors and scientists responsible for develop the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy in the world have appeared in Krakow. As one of the experienced doctors from UK has said, even in his wildest dreams 20 years ago, he did not expect such a development of treatment techniques. We enjoy it very much and keep hope for the better tomorrow. Inga’s mom was a SMA Foundation volunteer in Kraków and was responsible for scientific contacts with SMA centers. Thinking of our Inga we don’t forget the whole SMA patients community and fight for treatment for everyone.

Our Inga, in the absence of mom, bravely took care of dad and brother. The morning smile was a kick-ass fight for a better future. Fingers crossed!