Wheelchair – symbol of disability. Inga has got her first wheelchair almost 2 years ago. But she has been using it only at home and at school. During outdoor walks or shopping we have always used buggy. We think we have been ashamed to use wheelchair a bit. Or we still didn’t want to accept our daughter’s disability… But two months ago we have been convinced by one of Inga’s physiotherapists to take a wheelchair for Inga instead of buggy when we’re going outside house. Her little wheelchair has a little handle in the back which allows pushing Inga when she gets tired. Through the rest of time she can go wherever she wants. She enjoys that so much! She can help in shopping by picking up the books from shelves she want to buy. She can play easily with other kids and play games she wants. We feel a little bit foolish we haven’t noticed that before but you need to believe us that it is very hard to make this kind of decisions… What is most important we move forward, our fight against SMA goes on and we hope that we are just one step away from the moment when Inga starts treatment. Thank You so much you are with Inga all that time long!

We invite you to support our fight against SMA by visiting: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/INGA THANK YOU for any contribution! Single penny matters!

Picture shows Inga having fun at playground in IKEA. We love to see her happiness. Very much!