Last week Inga spent at physiotherapy camp in the Neurorehabilitation Centre. As usual, there were massages, stretching, ball exercises, breathing exercises and more. However, there was a new one: hipotherapy, which is the rehabilitation with a help of horse. A lot of people advised us this form of exercise until we finally decided. And it was great success! Inga lost her heart for horse riding – it gives her great joy, allows freely to move, teaches cooperation and responsibility. According to physiotherapists, the natural movements and vibrations of the walking horse help the muscles of the spine and hips, which are the ones we care about most last weeks. What hipotherapy looks like and what joy it makes to our Inga you may see in the attached film.

This week Inga also celebrates her 4th birthday. She’s very excited to be a big girl (not a baby anymore).
Inga is happy, but we muse about passing time… The first Inga’s birthday passed under the expectation of the first steps. Second birthday was just after the diagnosis, but Inga could still stand by herself holding furnitures. During third birthday Inga was no longer able to walk or even stand. There was no prospect of treatment or improvement in her health. Fourth birthday coming up: Inga does not stand, does not walk, she struggles while crawling, but the treatment is just around the corner. We want it so badly. How wonderful it would be to look forward to the first Inga’s steps again. May our biggest birthday wish to Inga come true as soon as possible!!!

If you would like to make a birthday gift for Inga, you can donate our fight against SMA. Every penny counts. Thank you!!!…/inga