Inga has been taking medicine for 3 weeks. We will probably have to wait a few or a dozen months for the effects. However, we can already see how new hope and faith in a better tomorrow helps us in our fight against SMA. Despite the separation (girls in Italy, boys at home) days seem to be more bright and happy. Inga and mum are very brave – they have already set a new schedule of the day, in which around 10.30 a new point appeared – taking medicine 😉 These 5 ml of magic liquid are really fantastic. Besides medicine the day plan consists of course physiotherapy: e.g. standing with orthosis on Inga’s legs. It goes quite well. Mum has the impression that Inga is able to stand a bit longer then prviously. Maybe it is a result of a little too small walker, or maybe a medicine … We pray that this skill will constantly improve. In the plan of the day there is also time to “read” books, walk to the playground and even learn to write letters.

A stay in Milan is also a huge logistical effort, especially financial. The capital of Lombardy ranks among the top ten most expensive cities on earth. The costs of living are very high. That is why we are constantly asking you to support Inga in this hard fight against spinal muscular atrophy. Just go to:
To help raise funds, Inga’s Dad and Uncle and their friends take part in a real cycling race: VELOTHON Wales 2018. You can follow their training and the efforts they put into helping Inga on the event website: /

Note – the boys will ride the number of kilometers equal to the number of pounds paid to fight the SMA. “A pound for a kilometer for Inga” – thank you in advance for the longest routes that “Team Inga” will have to overcome during the preparation for the race;)