It’s been already a month since Inga get her first dose of medicine. Despite our family’s separation (Inga with her mum are in Italy, dad and her brother stayed at home) we are truly happy. It is a great feeling to finally have a reasoned hope for Inga’s health improvement. This week Roche company released initial data for clinical trial Inga takes part:…/updated-preliminary-data-from-…
We are very excited. Keep fingers crossed for our brave princess!

Although we are very happy we cannot escape from a normal longing for each other… We miss those direct smiles, looks, touches, scents….We count days left to our reunion. They seem to be veeeery long days. But because of high technology we can easier endure it. Phone calls and most of all video chats are great in this case! For example – Inga’s dad has just received the best gift he could ever get – Inga’s newest song written for father’s day (Attached video, turn English subs on). We listen to it round the clock. Inga, wearing her new dress that covers her splints (orthosis), looks so beautiful and health. We dream one day she will dance and sing without leg support devices. We believe it will happen!

Meanwhile, Team INGA practise cycling for Velothon 2018 Wales race. ( They courageously train to be prepared for 8th July and cycle to help Inga make her dreams come true. Will you help as well?

Thank you very much!