Inga, since she was borne, has visited many hospitals, medical centres and clinics around few European countries. But there is one that became the most important one, because over there Inga’s treatment has started, and we believe that will bring in the end her first step. Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Padiglione Monteggia in Milan.The place where we found kindness and goodwill. The place where staff’s professionalism and serious approach let us think, that hope for cure will change into confidence of cure. For the last few months it was our second home. We write “home”, because Inga comes back there every time without any fear and resistance. She’s got the feeling that because of these hospital appointments in Milan she become healthier and stronger. We would like to thank all doctors and staff in Milan who made all this possible. Thank you! Grazie mille!!! And we thank all of you who support us every moment since diagnosis. Thank You!
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