Last week Inga and her mum spent one night at hospital – doctors have ordered sleep study. Results would show how much SMA affect Inga’s breath and if there is any need for breath support at night. Inga was plastered with many sensors, which were connected to computer and monitored for 12 hours. Our brave patient was a bit scared, she did not like “pipes in nose”, child next bed was waking her up with its cry and Inga’s mum felt cold and had to cover herself with two sleeping bags. However, what is most important, examination went well and there was nothing worrying in night breathing. We hope that due to SMA treatment Inga is having there will be no need for respiratory support in the future. Next sleeping study has been scheduled next year.

Meanwhile in the morning Inga ordered sleep study for her beloved dolly. After detailed examination “doctor Inga” cool her out – her sleep was fine too. We wish to have more happy results like this one 😉
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