This week has been marked by thinking about the last three years we have spent fighting against SMA. Our thoughts ran especially to the day of the diagnosis – February 25, 2016 (


Although so much time has passed, the memory of this day is still very vivid. It causes sadness and sorrow. The question arises again: Why? … It is hard time especially for Inga’s mother, who every day in kindergarten sees hundreds of children walking, jumping and running around. And among them, only Inga on a wheelchair … And then we must hide the sadness for later, because Inga would not understand our feelings. She, like other children, is happy and joyful.


We become also happier for a while, when we think that Inga has been taking part in the treatment for 9 months already and it seems that the drug is slowly working. We are afraid to think what the 3rd anniversary would look like if this clinical trial in Milan failed to be organized…

Participation in the study is also a great effort for our family. This is primarily a physical effort for Inga and her mother, who must travel through half of Europe every now and then. It is also a great financial effort that we can handle only with your help. Therefore, let us advise that people urge everyone around to help in the treatment and rehabilitation of Inga, by donating funds on Inga’s crowdfunding pages:

Each penny helps to fight step by step this terrible disease. Thank you very much, that you have been with us for the last three years. Together it is easier to overcome the worst times. Thank you!

Time, that has passed by since diagnosis day, is visible best while watching Inga. She grown up from little baby in 2016 into big school girl now!