Every day, we get caught up in the fact that whatever we do, we think about how to put some physio exercises to do when playing with Inga. When she walks in orthoses, we mobilize her to try to stick with just one hand and try to lift things from the floor. When we go to the pool we practice breathing, try to mobilize her to use the legs and not be afraid of vertical position. When swinging on our swing, we encourage her to make the attacks with her legs. In addition, Inga began to invent the exercises on her own during her fun. We are very proud of her!

All the time we remember and learn the exercises from the last rehabilitation camp – smiling Mrs. Ewa from Neurorehabilitation Centre in the picture looks pleased with the progress of Inga and the work of her parents. Thank you!

And Inga, even though her favourite tale is now Peter Pan, love still to dress up in Elsa’s dress. Some things do not spring up 😉

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Thank you !!!