April came – the month of Inga’s birth. We are back in time for Inga’s 4th birthday a year ago: nervous waiting for an e-mail or phone call regarding a clinical trial, handling all formalities related to the registration, finding a flat, moving … In what other world we are living now, a year later… Inga bravely struggles to regain her strength by taking medicine and working hard during physiotherapy. One type of exercise, despite its difficulty, gives her a great joy of life at the same time – this is hippotherapy. It allows her to practice balance and muscular coordination. In addition, it gives a sense of closeness and teaches the courage that will be necessary to make the first step someday…

That is why we organized a fundraiser for Inga’s 5th birthday and the funds raised will contribute to the Inga sub-account in the “Open Arms” Foundation, which for already three years has supported us in charitable projects for Inga. We want to provide Inga with the possibility of hippotherapy more often to become stronger and happier at the same time. Thank you!!!



You can help Inga by visiting the websites:



Thank you!!!