We have written to you recently how we try to do some exercises with Inga at every possible moment when we play with her. But nothing can replace real physiotherapy, during which we perform exercises in accordance with the best knowledge and experience of physiotherapists. Our “home” Neurorehabilitation Centre is a bit far away from us and Inga can take part in rehabilitation camps only a few times a year. We have therefore started searching for physiotherapy in other parts of Europe, which we could visit with a request for advice and control of our actions. And that’s how we found Mrs. Ola from the Alex’s place. After breaking the initial shyness, Inga began to listen carefully to the instructions and perform the exercises. We, on the other hand, improved some of the exercises and, additionally, we learned others to help our daughter maintain her physical fitness. Keep fingers crossed!

At the end of the class, the biggest reward for Inga (apart from stickers, of course) was the opportunity to climb the therapeutic stairs. For Inga these small three steps are like Mt. Blanc for a healthy person. And just as a climber feels joy at the top, our girl could not hide her pride and happiness sitting on the top step.

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Thank you!!!