It is almost a year since Inga started treatment in Milan. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to it by supporting one of Inga’s crowdfunding pages.

Because of your support we were able to-

– organise and start clinical trial for Inga in Italy

– provide Inga with as many physio sessions as it was only possible.

– Inga rides a pony during hippotherapy – it is your gift for her 5th birthday.

–  Inga is gonna have a new, light, individually fitted manual wheelchair

– In upcoming weeks, we will finally have power wheelchair for Inga

– Inga travels a lot to few hospitals in Europe (UK, Italy, Poland) – without your support that wouldn’t be possible.


The most important effect is the fact that Inga stopped weakening. She did not lose any motor skills during the year. She crawls faster, climbs up the small stairs again, raises her head in a supine position, raises her back and can alternately lift her bent legs. Intensive rehabilitation allowed her also to avoid scoliosis and serious contractures. Ever since started the clinical trial Inga is very motivated to exercise, many of exercises invents helselves and strongly believe in her first step in the future.


Thank you all!!!