Like every 5-year-old, Inga has her big dreams. And probably not necessarily the dream about the first step is the most important for her. Inga constantly wonders instead who she would like to be when she grows up. Recently, she wanted to be a doctor, then a teacher, and in the meantime also a firefighter 🙂 . Last week she announced that she would like to become a ballet dancer and dance at the opera. As a proof of her dreams, she invited us to a performance that she invented herself and with the help of her brother Max and friend Martyna presented us. Emotion has spread to everyone… We are overjoyed that Inga does not care about the goddamn SMA and wants to fulfil even her most remote dreams.

Inga and her mum are preparing for a few days long visit in the hospital – this is one year from the beginning of the clinical trial and Inga has to undergo a whole series of different tests: several blood tests, eye examination, heart examination, neurological examination, orthopedic examination and motor scales tests. Keep your fingers crossed for a successful course.

We would like to thank everyone for all initiatives supporting our fight against SMA: yoga workshop by Mrs. Atena (, Ola’s birthday crowdfunding ( and all others payments. Thanks to your help, everything becomes possible! Thank you!

We are also slowly summarizing the birthday crowdfunding for our Ingusia ( Inga is overjoyed at the extra classes of hippotherapy, and the new ladies are greatly impressed by the concentration of Inga, her courage and willingness to do all the tasks she has done. As a result, Inga gains better physical coordination and, hopefully, more strength. Thinking about the birthday of Inga, we noticed that for over two years we have not spent any birthday in our family together … If not a hospital appointments in Milan, it is a rehabilitation in Wroclaw or a visit to a London hospital … Next birthday (this time Inga’s mum) again we’ll spend separately … Maybe for Dad’s birthday in August it will be possible to be together. Also, keep your fingers crossed for that.

We attach a recording from the presentation of our Inga – we invite you to like and share. Thx!