After last week’s post about rehabilitation, a few people asked us why we exercise so much with Inga, since she takes the medicine and we believe that it works? However, with the spinal muscular atrophy that matter is not so simple …

The drug affects the production of missing protein (SMN), which patients with SMA do not produce. The proper level of SMN protein prevents the loss of motor neurons and thus the further muscle atrophy. But the medicine does not affect muscle mass. It guarantees that Inga does not lose muscle anymore. However, we want Inga to be stronger so that her muscle mass will grow so that her movement capabilities will increase. All this can be achieved only by doing physiotherapy as much as possible. We devote many hours to it, but we know that we are fighting for the health of Inga, for her future. That’s why we practice, massage, stretch Inga’s legs every day for several times. We take Inga time for play, fun, rest, but we know how much we can achieve. We also know how much we can lose… Rehabilitation will be with us for many long years to come, but we believe that thanks to it, Inga will be more and more agile.

The effects of our (parents and physiotherapists) work together with Inga are immortalized in the pictures that physiotherapists do before and after the physio camp. This time we managed to catch Mrs. Ewa during immortalizing Inga’s back. We would like to thank her and the whole team of the Neurorehabilitation Center!

Thank you all for your support! Those who would like to support treatment in Italy can visit the following websites:
Thank you!