Last week Inga had another visit to the hospital. This time, a check-up in London. First, physical fitness was tested. Physiotherapists were full of admiration for Inga for the precision and diligence of doing all the exercises. In addition, they noticed improvement in Inga when it comes to the power and speed of doing exercises. It makes us very happy and motivates us to continue working.

Then Inga had neurological examinations. The focus was on looking for possible side effects of the clinical trial and the general condition of Inga. And here also everything is fine, which was confirmed by satisfied faces of all consultants.
Finally, we have an appointment with an orthotic. Inga grows like yeast and her beloved ortheses required elongation and better knee joint positioning. Amended splints are even more loved by Inga now 😊

And in the break between the doctor’s visits there was a moment to play in the hospital play area, crazy ride around the fountain and try to get up at the hospital window.

Another appointments soon in Milan …

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