Today is a very important day for Inga – the birthday of her beloved mother Gosia.
Mother, who was with her from the first second of her life.
Mother, who was the first to notice the delay in Inga’s motor development.
Mother, who ordered daily rehabilitation, while others said that Inga is just a lazy girl and that’s why she is not walking.
Mother, who on February 15, 2016, hugged Inga as hard as she could, saying that she would do anything to make her healthy.
Mother, who has left her job and home and moved abroad to seek treatment and a better life for Inga.
Mother, who moved to another new country once we have found treatment.
Mom, who just loves her daughter very much and the only thing she wants for this birthday is Inga’s health and happiness. If any of you would like to join our wishes, you can visit the website where Inga’s mom started a birthday fundraising for Inga. Thank you!

Thank you all for your support! Those who would like to support treatment in Italy can visit the following websites:

Thank you!