Do you remember how Inga said she wants to become a ballet dancer? With great joy that she has such a beautiful dreams but also with fears about reality, we tried to explain to her that this could be a bit difficult. Then Inga stunned us with her performance, completely ignoring her disability:
Last week, she said she does not need orthoses and crutches to dance. All she needs is swimming pool 😉 We are very happy with her progress in the water. In addition to strength and coordination, it gives her such a longed-for feeling of freedom and independence. We keep our fingers crossed so that all her dreams develop at such a pace.
And next week, another rehabilitation camp at Centrum Neurorehabilitacji. It is not easy – without exercises will be no strength, and without strength Inga will not make the first step in her life. Our fight against SMA goes on!

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Thank you!