What an experience Inga has experienced last week! Our girl took part in alpacotherapy classes. This therapy aims to trigger positive responses through sensory stimuli. Touching, stroking, being around and just looking at these fluffy animals releases a lot of good emotions, lets you forget about everyday problems. Any of you didn’t smile when you see Inga on the pictures in the company of these two love ones? In addition, playing with alpacas motivates you to take extra effort and physical activity. It also teaches confidence and courage towards the new. We will definitely come back to Bella Stable not only because of the ponies, but also those delectable alpacas.

This weekend, the Ultra Run through Ridge of the Tatra Mountains will take place. Once again, many thanks to the organizers for remembering and helping our Inga. We also thank the Gałuszka Bakery and the Miętówka Cafe for a charity snack in a running city in Kuźnice. The race will take place this Saturday, August 17 in Zakopane. Everyone’s welcome!

Thank you all for your support! Those who would like to support treatment in Italy can visit the following websites:
Thank you!