At the weekend we visited Mrs Ola again from Alex’s Place ( Inga loves to visit her office. She cannot stop to enjoy the amount of orthopaedic equipment that is around and would like to try everything. Hence, physiotherapy is fantastic there. The professionalism and sense of Mrs. Ola plus exercises enchanted in the form of fun give Inga and us a huge impulse for everyday work. Thank you.

This time we were not alone with Mrs. Ola. Laurka ( – a daughter of our old friends suffering from Down Syndrome, visited her with us. The talks, laughter and games were endless, and the exchange of experiences related to disability proved invaluable. So, thank you, Laurka’s family!

After hard exercises, there was also a moment of some relaxation. We visited the art gallery with Inga. Inga loves to slide in a wheelchair between paintings and sculptures and look at the endless “scribbles” on the walls. This time, we stopped a moment longer at Marks’ painting “Dominicans in Feathers”, where Inga could leave the wheelchair for a moment and play on the soft stairs.

We remind you of Athena and Helena’s journey in the Himalayas, dedicated to Inga. You can follow their journey at:

In 5 days Inga’s dad is running a half marathon. Keep your fingers crossed and if you want to help him, visit the event website: