It’s finally here! The new Inga’s electric power wheelchair! Inga is very happy – for her it is great fun and joy. We know, however, that it is also so needed independence and the ability to catch up with others around. Inga’s manual wheelchair, which is usually used, makes her feeling great. But when we go for a long walk or try to climb a hill, this feeling is gone. That is why the electric power wheelchair is so important and necessary. We enjoy her happiness and smile as we look how she speeds on the sidewalks and alleys.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this purchase. To those who organized collections for Inga. Those who donated into the Inga’s sub-account at the Polish foundation. For those who supported her dad and brother during their running and cycling races. We also thank Boparan charity that have also supported the latest purchase for Inga. THANK YOU!

Those who want to support Inga’s treatment in Milan may visit: