This weekend we visited Mrs. Alex again. During the hour and a half session she gave us a good piece of exercises. There was her control of exercises already performed, there were several new ones, there were instructions for parents regarding the correctness of physiotherapy performed. There was also a moment for fun and a photo. Thank you very much for your time and commitment! And the best reward for hard work is the smile of both – Inga and Mrs. Alex.

In the evening we met with Laurka w Chmurkach (, who also visited the physiotherapy room, fighting for her fitness and development. We thank her parents for a nice evening full of conversations about life with disabilities and flying;)

On Sunday, we visited Avery – a boy who, like Inga, participates in a clinical trial in Milan ( Extremely warm welcome by parents, delicious dinner, hours of talks, and above all, children having fun together and their joy! See you soon!

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