A few days ago, Inga read a short story about Mr. Sausage and the mysterious Genie, who wanted to make his 3 wishes. Mr. Sausage’s first wish was about how much he would like his wife to help him to choose wishes (one wish used). Then he said that he would like to undo it (second), and finally that he wish he would never said the previous two wishes (third). So he remained with nothing and the Genie disappeared…

Inga laughed a lot at this story and said that she would definitely come up with such great and such important wishes. So we asked her what they would be. And she said:
– “I’d like to go on holidays.”
– “I would like to swim and dive in the pool.”
– “I would like to dress the Christmas tree again.”

And this way, we know what are the most important things in Inga’s life 😉 . Although we are a little afraid that soon there will come a moment when the possibility to walk and run can become one of those most important dreams…

Christmas is coming! It’s time to take care of baking and decorating gingerbreads. Inga loves to help mom in gingerbread activities. We wish you a peaceful and delicious Christmas preparations!

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