Christmas and New Year have just passed so quick… Last month was very intense for Inga. First, Inga visited her great-grandmothers and grandparents in dad’s hometown Słupsk – it was a happy experience for her. And the best reward for all of us was the happiness and emotion of grandmothers 🙂 There was also a visit by the sea and in seaside restaurant with delicious fish.

Then there were preparations for Christmas – cleaning, cooking, baking, decorating. Inga wanted to take part in all preparations – we are glad that she wants and shecan experience this special time with us. There was also shopping, among others in Ikea and a visit to the toilet with a magic seat, which has shrunk a lot over the past 4 years …

Christmas Eve was a huge experience for Inga. Common prayer, meal (Inga even tried to eat 12 dishes), caroling and, of course, gifts from Santa !!! Inga was especially pleased with the Barbie doll in a wheelchair. It looks like Santa knows his job;)

For the first time we managed to go to the cinema with Inga. And not just to watch any movie but Frozen 2;) Inga liked it very much, and emotions and songs were endless after the sense.

Unfortunately, the holiday break was also a sickness … For 2 weeks Inga (and the rest of the family) fought with a runny nose, sore throat and coughing. It all ended with the first antibiotic in her life that she would be taking for the next week.

Due to illness, we also had to stop our holiday trip to Snowdonia. We regretted missed mountain treks that Inga love so much … We managed to see the waterfall, cliffs, castle and we had to pack home. And packing two wheelchairs into the car is a real chalange.

And today, Inga and her mother are packing, because they are again flying to Milan for further tests in the hospital. Keep fingers crossed!

Those who want to support Inga’s treatment in Milan may visit: