Sometimes we have the impression that there is no time when we do not think that we have to “do” something for Inga. Recently, we’ve been thinking a lot about giving her more independence in her bed. But how to do it? … Some time ago, instead of a cot with bars, we gave her an ordinary children’s bed – Inga was already old enough that, despite its weakness, she was able to rotate during night and not to fall. But although she could get off this bed (slowly, carefully), she had a huge problem to climb it back. That is why we have started looking for a bed that would give her complete independence. And so, after many months, a special bed with adjustable height came to us, which gave us all great joy. And for Inga it also gave a sense of freedom and independence. Thank you to all who support us in all these efforts for a better future of Inga. Thanks a lot !!!

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