We cannot stop thinking about “our” Milan, where 2 months ago Inga had hospital appointments and received new portions of the drug. The capital of Lombardy is a wonderful place. First of all, it has healthcare (from our point of view). But besides hospitals and clinics, it is a place of beautiful monuments, wonderful museums and galleries, amazingly exclusive shops, great sport. It is also a city of wonderful people whom we had the opportunity to meet and who helped us a lot. We are very worried about them now and we are keeping our fingers crossed so that nothing bad will happen to them and they will soon be able to go out again to the gelateria for delicious ice cream and a cup of their favourite Espresso.

We stay at home now with the whole family to make sure that no evil threatens our Ingusia. We do a lot physiotherapy, learn at “home” school and as soon as the sun shines we play in the garden. We attach a video of the last visit to the Duomo Square in front of the cathedral in Milan. In the comment we attach a video showing how Milan looks at the moment…

Those who want to support Inga’s physiotherapy and treatment visit: