Dear all.
It’s been 3 months since Inga and her family spend time at home. However, no one is bored here. Inga’s mum set the schedule for each day and there is no option to get out of her/his duties.

The only more serious thing outside the schedule was a visit to the orthotic clinic for new splints. As usual, Inga bravely endured all fittings and we returned home with two pairs of splints (long KAFOs and small SMAFOs). Now she just needs to get used to them and will soon be using them again. Inga, doctors and we are very happy about it!

Returning to home activities, the most important are morning school homework – writing, reading, counting, science, language. Parents have to admit that Inga is an diligent but also a demanding student – she asks a lot of questions and “Uncle Google and Aunt Wikipedia” must come to the rescue more than once.

After the lessons, if the weather allows, we spend time in the garden. When it rains, we try to play games and do activities together. Sometimes Inga prefers to play in her room. She loves to stroke her pony Bob, and recently cares for all her doll children. And there are so many of them that it is difficult for parents to remember the names of all “grandchildren”.

Finally, we must praise Inga’s brother, who on Mother’s Day (26th May) baked a ladybug cake for her. Parents enjoy such talent immeasurably and look forward to the next cake opportunity!

Thank you for all your help so far! Those who want to support Inga’s physiotherapy and treatment may visit: