212 weeks since diagnosis

Due to COVID-19 threat Inga does not attend school anymore. She has weak breathing muscles what puts her in the highest risk group. We are very worried about her. We hope that epidemic will be tackled and nothing bad will happen to Inga. Staying at home does not mean having holidays. Inga does her homework […]

211 weeks since diagnosis

We follow the reports of the coronavirus epidemic in Northern Italy with great concern. This is where Milan is located – a place where Inga comes every month for tests and for a new portion of medicine. This time next week’s visit was cancelled and the syrup will be sent to us by courier. Due […]

210 weeks since diagnosis

Auction for Inga still available at: https://charytatywni.allegro.pl/listing… Inga has started professional swimming lessons. Summer fun in the pool tame her with water so much that after a few lessons she can now swim freely on her back and is doing better on her belly. Exercising in water is greatest physiotherapy. Thank you for supporting Inga’s […]

209 weeks since diagnosis

This year, Polish SMA Foundation came up with the idea of the action: “What would you say to yourself after the diagnosis?”. And we often wonder: What we could say in February 2014, trembling and crying Inga’s mother and what we could say Inga’s father, who was already packing for going abroad… We would certainly […]

4 years – 208 weeks since diagnosis

Last week, four years have just passed since this unfortunate, worst in our life, Monday – February 15, 2014 … The anniversary of the diagnosis always arouses great emotions in us. We remember this day (although, in general, Inga’s mother prefers not to remember it) very clear. We remember the huge amount of help that […]

207 weeks since diagnosis

After last week’s wheelchair dancing craziness this weekend it was time for rehabilitation with Mrs Alex. The huge room and the plenty of the equipment means that Inga not only wants to exercise, but she is almost breathless, spinning everywhere, trying to climb on every device. And believe us, breathlessness caused by physical movement in […]

206 weeks since diagnosis

This week, Inga “bang out full blast !!!”. She won a wheelchair dancing competition! And it happened just after a few lessons at the dance school. We are extremely proud of her! And it gives her a great joy. She spends every spare time developing new wheelchair movements and systems. Almost four years after the […]

205 weeks since diagnosis

Sometimes we have the impression that there is no time when we do not think that we have to “do” something for Inga. Recently, we’ve been thinking a lot about giving her more independence in her bed. But how to do it? … Some time ago, instead of a cot with bars, we gave her […]

204 weeks since diagnosis

Another week of hospital visits in Milan has just passed. Inga was very patient and extremely brave. During the ophthalmological examination, she read letters (not pictures) for the first time! The ophthalmologist was very proud of her. Inga was even more proud of herself! Unfortunately, the blood test still brings tears and sadness. Especially the […]

202 weeks since diagnosis

Christmas and New Year have just passed so quick… Last month was very intense for Inga. First, Inga visited her great-grandmothers and grandparents in dad’s hometown Słupsk – it was a happy experience for her. And the best reward for all of us was the happiness and emotion of grandmothers 🙂 There was also a […]