136 weeks since diagnosis

Last week Inga experienced a great joy: for the first time in her life she swung on a swing without back rest. She’s dreamed about that for a long time, but it was too dangerous and to difficult for her. Now it looks she became bolder and most of all – became stronger… We hope […]

135 weeks since diagnosis

Inga, since she was borne, has visited many hospitals, medical centres and clinics around few European countries. But there is one that became the most important one, because over there Inga’s treatment has started, and we believe that will bring in the end her first step. Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Padiglione Monteggia in Milan.The place where […]

134 weeks since diagnosis

This week Inga has many examinations at hospital: blood, eye tests, ECG and physiotherapy. All related to clinical trial she takes a part in. We do not know results of all those tests because it is confidential info. But we see doctors’ reactions, who are very excited and happy while working with Inga. We see […]

133 weeks since diagnosis

Last week Inga had hospital appointments in London. We’ve been curious how she will pass physiotherapist examination. And she did it quite good. Since last visit in London she improved her arms and neck strength. It is still too early to certify Milan clinical trial influence. But London doctors enthusiasm and positive examination results gave […]

132 weeks since diagnosis

Family holidays. Every family dreams about a time when all day-to-day problems are left behind and to go somewhere for a week or two just to simply spend some time together. We know how important is not to let Inga know that our life must be a little bit different due to her disability. And […]

130 weeks since diagnosis

Last 2 weeks were very exhausting for Inga. Our little princess spent them on physiotherapy camp in Poland. Everyday for 4-5 hours she has been doing different exercises: Bobath, stretching, massage, breath exercises and hippotherapy. Inga realizes how important physiotherapy is for her. In fact, she does not remember live other than the one with […]

129 weeks since diagnosis

August is SMA Awareness Month. You may raise awareness by liking and sharing this post. Doing that you may help children like Inga get an access to SMA treatment that is still not available in UK. Thank to all of you for your help! Some facts about SMA (spinal muscular atrophy): – 1 in 50 […]

128 weeks since diagnosis

Despite her disability Inga is a typical 4-year-old who has its own ideas and desires. Most of us being a child loved to chase after pigeons, didn’t we? Last weekend Inga was also chasing them on Duomo Square using her little wheelchair. We are very proud of her because she has learnt to steer it […]

127 weeks since diagnosis

Time in Milan is marked for Inga and her mum by heat and hospital appointments. To fight the heat girls go to swimming pool. It is also the best physiotherapy for Inga – both physical and mental. With a little help of pumped tube Inga “walks” on pool floor. It gives her a lot of […]