We are gonna do this again this year! For little Inga, to help fund her treatment in Italy.
“Team Inga” is going to take a part in Velothon Race in South Wales on Sunday 8th July. “Team Inga” consists of: Konrad, Piotr, Gary, Krystian and Tom with technical support of Maz.

If anyone wants to help simply join our event, share it and visit crowdfunding website: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/ingamilan

Our names and start numbers:

Konrad Figurski 9171
Krystian Lewinski 9170
Piotr Pietruszka 9191
Tomasz Figurski 9172


Simply install application, find our names (see picture on the left) and enjoy the race with us.
See you on the race track!!!

Everyone is invited to cheer us on! Thanks in advance!”Team Inga” members

Velothon 2017 memories – with my family.