We’ve been sitting at home for over 2 months. Hours, days, weeks pass by… We apologize that we haven’t spoken for a while, but paradoxically spending all the time with children at home there is no time for anything … Do you also have such feelings? 😉

Due to the pandemic, almost all Inga’s medical appointments were cancelled – both local and those in Milan. The clinical trial is extended, and so far the medicine is sent by courier. One visit, however, we could not postpone – the orthotic. Inga’s leg splints have become much too small and after a while wearing them caused her pain. She lost her balance a few times when walking in them as well, which is why we went to the orthotics office on Monday and with all precautions Mrs Katie made plaster casts for Inga’s legs. Based on these castings, new, larger splints will be made. Inga is looking forward to the fact that they will be covered with purple horses pattern.

We also miss consultations with physiotherapists. However, every day we do sets of exercises twice, but they will not replace intensive rehabilitation camps, hippotherapy, swimming …

In addition, Inga learns at home school, reads a lot, do mathematics, paints. Through various communicators, she also “meets” her classmates – there is no end to laughter, singing and joy. She also talks to her grandmothers on cell phone – she teaches them how to use various visual skins. 😉 As part of the attractions, she slept in her brother’s room. She also spends a lot of time in the garden, where she and his mother picked up daisies and made a wreath, helps clean up, dances in a wheelchair, eat favourite doughnuts, watering, writes on her blackboard, rides a bicycle, climbs the fence (with the help of her dad) and helps add wood to camp fire.

Thank you to friends (recently Ola – https://zrzutka.pl/9t2t6d) who organize birthday crowdfunding for Inga. In the era of facebook and zrzutka.pl it is very simple and helps a lot to cover the costs of treatment, rehabilitation and orthopedic equipment. Thank you very much!!!

Those who want to support Inga’s physiotherapy and treatment may visit: