As we’ve already mentioned it was very intense week – Inga took a part in physiotherapy camp in Wroclaw. Every day she was doing many exercises with Mrs. Ewa, Mrs. Dominika and Mrs. Magda. Mr. Greg was doing amazing massages. In the afternoons Inga was riding a horse during hippotherapy. Despite rising tiredness Inga was very brave. She realizes that physiotherapy is a chance to make her first step one day in the future. We are so proud of her!


Last week brought also other experiences: Inga attended WKS Slask game at Wroclaw City Stadium, she met Emilka – her friend who also suffers from SMA and found treatment in Rome, she visited cemetery during All Saints Day, she met our family members and again spent many hours traveling.


We would like to thank everyone who supports Inga’s fight against SMA. Big thanks to all of you who came to see Inga and gave us so much hope and support. It was very great and emotional week. Thank you!!!
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