143 weeks since diagnosis

Last week Inga had many hospital appointments. Because she takes part in clinical trial she must be frequently examined. One of the treatment possible side effect might be sight deterioration – initial examinations with animals showed some problems with eyes. That is why eyes test are so important for Inga. Examination is very complex and […]

141 weeks since diagnosis

As we’ve already mentioned it was very intense week – Inga took a part in physiotherapy camp in Wroclaw. Every day she was doing many exercises with Mrs. Ewa, Mrs. Dominika and Mrs. Magda. Mr. Greg was doing amazing massages. In the afternoons Inga was riding a horse during hippotherapy. Despite rising tiredness Inga was […]

140 weeks since diagnosis

Since Inga has started clinical trial we hope treatment will let her achieve one day a state of INDEPENDANCE. Last week Inga made another “step” to reach our common goal: she figured out on her own how to sit on her sofa (attached movie). So prosaic activity for all of us – for Inga the […]

139 weeks since diagnosis

Autumn in Milan is so beautiful. Nice weather allows to go for a walk. Inga always asks to take her out of her wheelchair to let her feel ground. So mummy put her on the bench or on the stone step. This time it was a moment when Inga “stand” on her knees saying she […]

138 weeks since diagnosis

The splints, we have written about few week ago, have finally arrived. Inga was waiting for them most because they are like a treasure for her. Besides a fact they are painted with flowers and ladybirds, they give Inga the feeling of walking, they let her see a world form above, they give a sense […]

137 weeks since diagnosis

As every 4-years-old child Inga loves to play on playground. Unfortunately she cannot use most of the same rides as her peers – no chance for walk or run disenable her to climb or play team games. But Inga is still happy playing in the section dedicated for younger children because she is back again […]

136 weeks since diagnosis

Last week Inga experienced a great joy: for the first time in her life she swung on a swing without back rest. She’s dreamed about that for a long time, but it was too dangerous and to difficult for her. Now it looks she became bolder and most of all – became stronger… We hope […]

135 weeks since diagnosis

Inga, since she was borne, has visited many hospitals, medical centres and clinics around few European countries. But there is one that became the most important one, because over there Inga’s treatment has started, and we believe that will bring in the end her first step. Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Padiglione Monteggia in Milan.The place where […]

134 weeks since diagnosis

This week Inga has many examinations at hospital: blood, eye tests, ECG and physiotherapy. All related to clinical trial she takes a part in. We do not know results of all those tests because it is confidential info. But we see doctors’ reactions, who are very excited and happy while working with Inga. We see […]

133 weeks since diagnosis

Last week Inga had hospital appointments in London. We’ve been curious how she will pass physiotherapist examination. And she did it quite good. Since last visit in London she improved her arms and neck strength. It is still too early to certify Milan clinical trial influence. But London doctors enthusiasm and positive examination results gave […]