226 weeks since diagnosis

Long, long time ago in another galaxy… It was 24th June 2014 – despite Inga’s (and her mother’s) support Italy lost to Uruguay and they had to leave 2014 Brasil Wrold Cup… Who would thought then that Italy will have a greater meaning in her live than only supporting Azzurri. ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Thank you Milan, Grazie […]

224 weeks since diagnosis

Dear all. It’s been 3 months since Inga and her family spend time at home. However, no one is bored here. Inga’s mum set the schedule for each day and there is no option to get out of her/his duties. The only more serious thing outside the schedule was a visit to the orthotic clinic […]

223 weeks since diagnosis

This week Inga was supposed to take part in the finals of the wheelchair dance competition … Unfortunately, the pandemic thwarted the plans. That is why we remember her eliminations from January and look forward to the possibility of dancing again with other participants. In the meantime, Inga diligently learns to dance during video classes […]

220 weeks since diagnosis

We’ve been sitting at home for over 2 months. Hours, days, weeks pass by… We apologize that we haven’t spoken for a while, but paradoxically spending all the time with children at home there is no time for anything … Do you also have such feelings? 😉 Due to the pandemic, almost all Inga’s medical […]

218 weeks since diagnosis

These are the last days in Poland to decide which charity will receive 1% of your annual tax. We ask everyone to remember about Inga and her charity. Those who want to support Inga’s physiotherapy and treatment from abroad please visit: https://zrzutka.pl/9p5w48 https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/milan5 Thank you!!!

217 weeks since diagnosis – Inga’s 6th birthday

Inga’s sixth birthday, long awaited by her, has finally arrived. For obvious reasons, it does not look as planned. But thanks to you and our family it’s equally nice and beautiful. There was, prepared by mother and Inga herself, a “corona-cake”, there were gifts, there were morning preparations and choosing the right dress. It was […]

216 weeks since diagnosis

Dear all! On this special day we would like to wish you a Peaceful, Happy but above all Healthy Easter. For six years, Easter Sunday has been a bit more special for us, because Inga was born at that day (although it was April 20 then). Despite the epidemic, we managed to decorate and prepare […]

215 weeks since diagnosis

Our Inga’s sixth birthday is approaching. It will be a little different than all previous ones. This does not mean that it will be worse. Because a family birthday is the greatest happiness. Other joys, such as partying with friends, riding a horse or going out to the pool have to wait for better times. […]

213 weeks since diagnosis

We cannot stop thinking about “our” Milan, where 2 months ago Inga had hospital appointments and received new portions of the drug. The capital of Lombardy is a wonderful place. First of all, it has healthcare (from our point of view). But besides hospitals and clinics, it is a place of beautiful monuments, wonderful museums […]