Life is often described as such a kind of hiking in the mountains. Once uphill, sometimes downhill. Peaks are successes, valleys are falls, etc. Inga’s life is probably hiking in the Himalayas, where climbing is much more difficult for her than for others, and the peaks are higher, with the Mt. Everest, which could probably be called her future first step ever.
Inga’s life is mountain hiking also in the literal sense of the word. For many years, her parents loved mountain hiking, and so did her brother. That is why we decided that as long as we can manage, Inga’s disability will not limit our family’s passion. Therefore, whenever we go on a holiday trip, we take the baby carrier and take Inga on the trail as soon as the opportunity arises.
Inga loves our mountain trips. She is often “trail guide” – she is responsible for navigating looking for trail signs. While sitting at dad’s or mum’s back, she sings, talks, asks, hugs, watches and admires the views all the time. This is the sweetest reward for us for the effort of climbing with “heavy luggage”. And for Inga, we hope they will be unforgettable memories that will remain in the memory for a lifetime.
The fundraising for the marathon that Inga’s dad ran for Inga in… the mountains is slowly coming to an end. Who would like to support Inga’s fight with the disease, can visit the page:
Thank you!!!