Inga’s life, unfortunately, is not only about dancing and fun, but also frequent check-ups in hospitals. SMA affects not only the muscles of ner legs but also other parts of the body. Inga needs to check her breathing regularly, especially while sleeping. In addition, we constantly control the shape of her spine – weakened muscles can lead to scoliosis. In London, however, Inga always undergoes a neurological examination and her motor skills are checked. We always visit our favourite orthotic lady, who checks and services the orthoses, so important in Inga’s life. Hospital visits during a pandemic are not the same – all play areas previously arranged in the corridors are closed and you have to wait for visits in a chair or your wheelchair. What we are waiting for most is the visit to the hospital in Milan to check everything for Inga’s treatment – both we and the Italian doctors want to be sure that the drug works as it should and has no possible side effects. Here, unfortunately, we have to be patient, watch Inga and wait for the end of the pandemic.
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