Each of us loves to fulfill their dreams. For the last 3 years (actually for more than five years), we have one of the biggest ones – that our Inga would once make her first step … Everyone who has children remembers how his one-year-old child begins to walk. How much is joy then, parents make movies and photos, phone calls to grandparents with the latest news. We are still waiting with Inga for this moment to come …

Our Inga also has her dreams. And each of them is great. Last week she realized one of them: just like Peppa Pig, she jumped “up and down in a muddy puddle”. Equipped with orthoses, orthopaedic shoes, a walker and a little more strength in her hands she jumped in the garden. How proud and happy she was. And in such moments, we are also overjoyed.

Our fight against SMA for the fulfilment of future dreams continues!


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