166 weeks since diagnosis

It is almost a year since Inga started treatment in Milan. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to it by supporting one of Inga’s crowdfunding pages. Because of your support we were able to- – organise and start clinical trial for Inga in Italy – provide Inga with as many physio sessions as […]

165 weeks since diagnosis

Each of us loves to fulfill their dreams. For the last 3 years (actually for more than five years), we have one of the biggest ones – that our Inga would once make her first step … Everyone who has children remembers how his one-year-old child begins to walk. How much is joy then, parents […]

164 weeks since diagnosis

April is an important month in the history of our fight against SMA. It is a month when we went to Italy for initial trial examination, it is of course a month of Inga’s birthday and it is also a moment when in Poland you review your annual tax and you may transfer your 1% […]

163 weeks since diagnosis

We are slowly approaching Inga’s fifth birthday. Although the real ones are on April 20th, because of the hospital visits and the rehabilitation camp next 2 weeks Inga organized a birthday party for friends this weekend. The fun was great, many gifts received, joy everywhere. And we were probably most happy to see Inga’s happiness, […]

161 weeks since diagnosis

We have written to you recently how we try to do some exercises with Inga at every possible moment when we play with her. But nothing can replace real physiotherapy, during which we perform exercises in accordance with the best knowledge and experience of physiotherapists. Our “home” Neurorehabilitation Centre is a bit far away from […]

162 weeks since diagnosis

April came – the month of Inga’s birth. We are back in time for Inga’s 4th birthday a year ago: nervous waiting for an e-mail or phone call regarding a clinical trial, handling all formalities related to the registration, finding a flat, moving … In what other world we are living now, a year later… […]

160 weeks since diagnosis

Last week we wrote about the exercises Inga was doing on the swing. This week we also found a swing – but this time, Inga was able to touch the ground. It turned out that it gave her a great joy! In the end, she could, like the famous Dorotka from children’s song, “in the […]

159 weeks since diagnosis

Every day, we get caught up in the fact that whatever we do, we think about how to put some physio exercises to do when playing with Inga. When she walks in orthoses, we mobilize her to try to stick with just one hand and try to lift things from the floor. When we go […]

158 weeks since diagnosis

As we’ve already mentioned, Inga spent the entire last week in a rehabilitation camp at the Neurorehabilitation Center. In addition, she took part in hippotherapy classes in the afternoons. It’s hard for us to judge how valuable they are to Inga when it comes to strength and coordination of her movements. What we know for […]

157 weeks since diagnosis

This week means a lot of effort for Inga, who is taking part in the rehabilitation camp at the Neurorehabilitation Center. A few hours a day, she bravely exercises with many physiotherapists, to keep her muscles in the best condition and stimulate them for greater work. Believing that the drug works on Inga, we realize […]