This week, Inga had her legs cast taken, necessary for additional splints. They will be short orthotics that will protect the ankles. Inga, becoming a little stronger, tries to support her weight on her legs more and more often. Unfortunately, her joints cannot keep up with her muscles and are very, very unstable. We hope that these short splints will protect her ankles and allow her to do some exercises and games more safely.

Two friends of grandmother Irenka set off on a long journey in the Himalayas. In addition to experiencing amazing adventures, they want to help our Inga. Thank you very much for that! You can follow their journey on the internet:

Today is also a bit of sadness – Ingusia is at the funeral of her great-grandfather John. Visiting him was always a joy for Inga. Grandfather was a very cheerful and bright man. And he could tell stories from his life for hours. We will miss him…

On Sunday, Inga’s dad and brother take part in the 3 and 10 km race. They run for Inga and for all SMA patients. And in 2 weeks dad runs a half marathon. Keep your fingers crossed and if you want to help them visit the event page: and