206 weeks since diagnosis

This week, Inga “bang out full blast !!!”. She won a wheelchair dancing competition! And it happened just after a few lessons at the dance school. We are extremely proud of her! And it gives her a great joy. She spends every spare time developing new wheelchair movements and systems. Almost four years after the […]

205 weeks since diagnosis

Sometimes we have the impression that there is no time when we do not think that we have to “do” something for Inga. Recently, we’ve been thinking a lot about giving her more independence in her bed. But how to do it? … Some time ago, instead of a cot with bars, we gave her […]

204 weeks since diagnosis

Another week of hospital visits in Milan has just passed. Inga was very patient and extremely brave. During the ophthalmological examination, she read letters (not pictures) for the first time! The ophthalmologist was very proud of her. Inga was even more proud of herself! Unfortunately, the blood test still brings tears and sadness. Especially the […]

202 weeks since diagnosis

Christmas and New Year have just passed so quick… Last month was very intense for Inga. First, Inga visited her great-grandmothers and grandparents in dad’s hometown Słupsk – it was a happy experience for her. And the best reward for all of us was the happiness and emotion of grandmothers 🙂 There was also a […]

Happy New Year!

Dears! At the beginning of this new year we would like to wish you a lot of health and joy! We would also like to thank you for your presence in 2019. It was an important but also a good year for Inga. We have started the second year of the clinical trial, when Inga […]

198 weeks since diagnosis

A few days ago, Inga read a short story about Mr. Sausage and the mysterious Genie, who wanted to make his 3 wishes. Mr. Sausage’s first wish was about how much he would like his wife to help him to choose wishes (one wish used). Then he said that he would like to undo it […]

197 weeks since diagnosis

This weekend we visited Mrs. Alex again. During the hour and a half session she gave us a good piece of exercises. There was her control of exercises already performed, there were several new ones, there were instructions for parents regarding the correctness of physiotherapy performed. There was also a moment for fun and a […]

196 weeks since diagnosis

It’s finally here! The new Inga’s electric power wheelchair! Inga is very happy – for her it is great fun and joy. We know, however, that it is also so needed independence and the ability to catch up with others around. Inga’s manual wheelchair, which is usually used, makes her feeling great. But when we […]

195 weeks since diagnosis

Today we would like to thank everyone who helped Inga and donate her fight against SMA. Without your support, treatment in Milan would not happen at all. That is why every of you who helped us may feel joy and happiness – just like Inga does in attached film (She thanks everyone for help being […]